More than 100,000 Filipinos are now working in Spain

Prof. Manny Geslani

Thousands  of Filipinos have moved to Spain in the past ten years as our Overseas Filipino workers have found   a niche in our former colonizer  countries with the moderate weather and liberal working conditions.

According to recruitment consultant and migration expert Emmanuel Geslani the meteoric rise in OFWs in Spain are  from Europe seeking greener pastures and the warm weather in Spain have crossed the borders  into Spain as tourists who seek employment or pre-arranged jobs from friends or relatives.

In a disclosure provided by Department of Migrant Workers Welfare Officer Maria Corazon Sangco thru email the increase in the number of Filipinos in Spain can be attributed to various factors, including employment opportunities, family reunification, pursuit of education, and other personal reasons.

Many OFWs have crossed borders from Scandinavian countries to Spain, while others entered Spain initially as tourist visas and overstayed.

Others come from third countries where they worked as Au Pairs (a cultural exchange program under the auspices of the Commission of Filipinos Overseas) or those who were victimized by unscrupulous recruitment agencies/individuals (usually through social media and recruited from third countries who come to Europe on a non working or tourist visa) who leave them to fend for themselves once they land in Spain, or cross to Spain from other EU countries (like Croatia, Romania, Hungary, etc.) before the lapse of their visitor’s visa.

OFWs in Madrid or other cities in Spain engage in a wide range of occupations. They can be found in various sector such as in Agriculture (0.32%), Industrial (1.32%), Construction (1.08%), Services (including Domestic Workers

(97.28%).  The type of work varies depending on individual qualifications and opportunities available.

In the case of some tourists who were trafficked to Spain the Philippine Embassy through the leadership of Philippine Ambassador to Spain Philipee  Lhuliier is committed to provide assistance to all Filipinos.

Job opportunities for Filipinos in Spain can exist through various channels.  While some may find employment through agency or direct hiring, others may be petitioned by their relatives who are already residing in Spain.  The availability of job opportunities can vary depending on factors such as local labor market, demand for specific skills, and immigration policies.

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